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Evil Cake Genius Reuse A Mold

Evil Cake Genius Reuse A Mold

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ECG Reuse-A-Mold is amazing! Melt it in the microwave, cast a mold, use the mold, then melt it down to create more and more molds!! Saves so much money, and don’t even get the ECG started on the hundreds of useless one-time molds she had piling up before this stuff. ‘Cause, you know, we may someday make another cake for a guy with a Professional Cat Herding Rodeo Belt Buckle, so for the love of God, don’t throw that away!!

The original Reuse A Mold is one of our all-time smartest products. It casts beautifully detailed molds…especially 3-D molds! But, just like Superman has his Kryptonite, it has its weaknesses. The liquid base made it so that we couldn’t use it on Lace, or anything porous. We also couldn’t use it for things like rhinestone brooches, where the liquid would run behind the rhinestones and encase them, making it impossible to unmold. Sometimes, we just wanted to mold a small part of a larger object, like the bindings on a ski-boot, or the zipper pull on a purse, but you can’t exactly pour melted mold liquid on someone’s Louis Vuitton, now, can you?

Type: Decorating
Brand: Evil Cake Genius
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